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Highlights of this issue

No passive position!
Fabiano Caruana shows his black victory over Georg Meier

Fighting fire with fire
Yago Santiago’s hot tip against the Leningrad Dutch

No Catalan, por favor!
Igor Stohl stops this popular white opening with an early…b5

Carlsen insider
Peter Heine Nielsen analyses three current games of the World Champion

Meeting world class
Vincent Keymer looks back at his draw against Levon Aronian

“If you are thrown out of your preparation, you should react aggressively!“
Alina Kashlinskaya (cover) looks back at the victory which paved her way to become new European champion.

Ladies to the fore!
Oliver Reeh presents 29 tactical highlights from the European Women’s Ch

Theoretically explosive
Rainer Knaak demonstrates a trap in the French Steinitz Variation (Video)

Carlsen's mighty bishop pair
Let Karsten Müller explain to you an instructive model game from Shamkir (Video)

Rising stars
Get to know two of the greatest chess hopes from India, Nihal Sarin and Gukesh! (Video)

Enjoy top-class training – from opening traps to endgame tricks

Opening videos

A sharp gambit against the French, a theoretical update in the highly topical Queen’s Gambit and the second part of a new Scandinavian repertoire. All that is on offer from our authors Lawrence Trent, Yannick Pelletier and Daniel King in a video running time of over an hour!

Opening traps

Opening expert Rainer Knaak takes eight examples from current tournament practice under the microscope, three of which he also presents in video format. He spotted traps in the following openings: Slavic Exchange Variation, Sicilian (3x), Pirc Defence, Torre Attack, French and Queen’s Indian.

New ideas for your repertoire

Anti-Catalan, Caro-Kann, Sveshnikov Variation, French, Queen's Gambit Accepted, King's Indian and and and .... Simply load the opening article of your choice from the menu on the left-hand side, e.g. the fiery article of our new author, GM Yago Santiago!

Top tournaments with top-class analyses

Ladies first: the three players of the European Women's Championship, Alina Kashlinskaya, Marie Sebag and Elisabeth Pähtz, each comment on one of their best games from Antalya. Fabiano Caruana’s analysis of his game against Georg Meier can be found in the magazine shortened on a double page (see above) and in full on the DVD! Analyses by Ian Nepomniachtchi, Vishy Anand, Georg Meier, Vincent Keymer, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, Peter Heine Nielsen, David Navara and others.

„Video specials“

Nihal Sarin and Dommaraju Gukesh are the little stars of this issue. Get to know the up-and-coming world class players from India and wonder at how quickly variations can be calculated in chess.

Williams: Move by Move

A game from England’s new number one – Gawain Jones – is on Williams’ programme. Especially recommended for those after points! Since this time it is all about how to make the most capital out of a single mistake by the opponent!

The Classic

Federal German trainer Dorian Rogozenco presents typical and instructive ideas through a game from 1908 by Akiba Rubinstein, who was actually known above all as a strong positional player.

Strategy – “The French Isolani”

What is the essential difference between the Isolani in the French compared to that in the Queen’s Gambit? When can Black move towards a kingside attack and what typical elements must both sides know? Mihail Marin initiates you into the subtleties.

Tactics – “Ladies to the fore!”

In Oliver Reeh’s selection of tactics from the 2019 Women’s ECh there are some hard nuts to crack. Because "they belong to the most ambitious I have ever published in CBM"!

Recent endgames 

Karsten Müller’s endgame article covers, as usual, a wide spectrum, from pawn endings to complex endgames with several minor pieces and numerous pawns. Including an introductory video and four extra videos, including two in our interactive training format.