The ChessBase Magazine is the most comprehensive and most sophisticated chess magazine there is. World class players analyze their brilliancies and explain the ideas behind the moves to you, opening specialists present the latest trends in opening theory and offer exciting ideas for your repertoire. Master trainers in the fields of tactics, strategy, and the endgame show you the tricks and techniques a successful tournament player needs! DVD with several hours of video + booklet.


Highlights of this issue

Tata Steel:
Analysis by Giri, Anand, Vidit, Svidler, Nielsen, Adhiban, Hübner and more

“One of the best games from 2018”
Go king hunting with Simon Williams – Move by Move!

Black has all the fun
Rainer Knaak presents the forcing piece sacrifice 5…Bc5 in the Ponziani Opening

Counter the King's Gambit immediately
Daniel King’s video instruction shows you what to do with Black after 2...exf4 3.Nf3 d5!?

Aggressive against the Dutch
Romain Edouard recommends the immediate provocation 2.Bg5!

Enjoy top class training and the new ChessBase Magazine layout!

Opening videos
There are three classic openings which await you in this issue. Against the King’s Gambit Daniel King recommends to you, e.g., the early advance d7-d5. In half an hour’s video running time King shows you all you need to know in order to be able to meet the King’s Gambit with confidence!



Twelve Opening articles with new ideas for your repertoire
Symmetrical English, Queen’s Indian, Dutch with 2.Bg5, Sicilian Sveshnikov, Bishop’s Opening etc. Simply load the article of your choice with a single mouse click from the start menu!



Top tournaments with top class analyses
Anish Giri, Vishy Anand, Vidit, Peter Svidler, and Robert Hübner comment on the best games from Tata Steel! In addition, Yannick Pelletier, Erwin l'Ami, and Mihail Marin present games of the “Masters” and the “Challengers” in video.



“Move by Move” with Simon Williams
“One of the best games, if not the best game from 2018” – that is the promise Simon Williams makes to you at the start of his interactive training article on the DVD. Join the English grandmaster on the search for amazing attacking moves!



Endgames: “Recent rook endings”:
Once more Karsten Müller’s article is wide-ranging. His analysis of recent rook endings contains an introductory text as well as an introductory video. In addition the endgame expert from Hamburg has recorded two videos on Magnus Carlsen’s endgames with bishop+knight against rook from Wijk aan Zee and looks into readers’ letters as well as much more.



Strategy: “Kingside expansion with g4-g5”
Under what conditions is a pawn storm on the opponent’s position promising when both monarchs have castled kingside? Mihail Marin explains the strategies based principally on classical games (including introductory video). 



Tactics: “Time to be brilliant!”
Oliver Reeh’s contribution consists of 28 games with numerous training questions and an introductory text with links to all the games. In addition there are three videos in interactive format.



Opening traps
Rainer Knaak has put under the microscope eight traps from recent tournament practice (including three Fritztrainer videos).



“The Classic”
German trainer Dorian Rogozenco shows us the game Nimzowitsch-Capablanca, St. Petersburg 1914. Let him explain to you how in short order the Cuban brought down his opponent’s position by pressure on the semi-open files on the queenside supported by his bishop on g7.