Mega Database 2020 (PC-DVD) upgrade from older Mega


Mega Database 2020: Update from Older or Big Database [serial number required or return disk*]
8 million games, 85,000 annotated

The ChessBase Mega Database 2020 is the premiere chess database with over 8 million games from 1560 to 2019 in high quality. Packing more than 85,000 annotated games, Mega 2020 contains the world‘s largest collection of high-class analysed games. Train like a pro! Prepare for your opponents with ChessBase and the Mega Database 2020 and let grandmasters explain how to best handle your favorite variations, improve your repertoire and much more.

  • Includes Mega Update Service 2020: update your Mega with your ChessBase 14/15 program every week with over 5,000 new games. That’s about 250,000 new games by the end of 2020!
  • New, more comfortable design!
  • Direct access to the games of all the World Championships, among the over 450 years of chess knowledge.
  • Player lexicon for download with over 580,000 player names and more than 40,000 player photos (only with ChessBase 14 or 15)

System requirements
Pentium PC, 2 GB RAM, Windows 10 or 8.1, DVD-ROM drive, ChessBase 15 or 14, Internet access (downloads).

EAN 9783866817425

*previous serial number required, please provide in order comments at checkout, or return the disk when purchasing.