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you are here : support   Sunday, March 26, 2017

If you have any technical problems with your software, installing the patch should be your very first port-of-call. The server will always try to keep your Chessbase programs completely up-to-date, and it is the most hassle-free way to update your program. To take advantage of the latest updates, log-on to the server and click "Query update" in the Help menu. [Fritz 15 users can update their program simply by clicking the top-left application menu and choosing “activation=>update program” while connected to the internet]

Software sales returnable in "Wrapped" packaging only.  Defective software replaced with brand new replacement copy.

All our software products help files accessed via the program menu (or often just by hitting the F1 key). Help topics are arranged by category, alphabetically, even by keyword for searching! Many disks offer manuals in electronic format (in more detail than the printed one) on the disk itself; some even offer video instruction.

ALWAYS read the printed installation instructions
that come with software, before installing it.


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