by Steve Lopez

Shredder6 is pretty unique among chess programs for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it comes with two user interfaces. When you put the Shredder6 CD into the drive, see the Autorun popup, and click "Install", the program installs the Fritz7 interface, although (of course) Shredder6 is the actual engine that runs within the interface. But there is a second interface included with the program, called the "Classic" interface, as it resembles the previous versions of Shredder (when it was sold by a different company).

Why would you want to install the second interface? The Classic interface contains many features that are absent from the Fritz7 interface, including:

These were briefly described a few weeks ago in ETN and many will be explored further in future issues.

So how do you install the interface to be able to use these features? There's a little trick to it -- the installation files are slightly "hidden" on the Shredder6 CD. For users who are a bit computer-savvy, the path to the Classic interface's setup executable is:

[your cd drive letter]:\Setup Classic\Setup.exe

If, however, you want to use Windows Explorer to get to the file, just pop the Shredder6 CD in the drive, click "Close" in the Autorun popup when it appears, and launch Windows Explorer instead. Click on the plus sign to the left of My Computer in the left-hand pane, then click on the plus sign next to SHREDDER 6 under My Computer once the view expands:

Then single-click on the "Setup Classic" folder (under SHREDDER 6) to highlight it:

Once you've done this, take a look at the right-hand pane -- you'll see a file called "Setup.exe". Double-click on this file to start the installation process and just follow the prompts provided by the Installation Wizard. After you've completed the installation, you'll have a new desktop icon for Shredder6 Classic:

And then just double-click this icon to fire up the Shredder6 Classic interface and have access to all of its features.

Note that the Shredder6 Classic interface is completely different (and separate) from the Fritz6 interface. Although both interfaces have all of the standard features you'd expect in a chessplaying program (time controls, analysis, etc.), all of the menus and the appearances of the interfaces are different. To get more information on the Shredder6 Classic interface, hit F1 for help or select "Help" from the "Help" menu when you're running the program. As stated previously, many of the new features will be discussed in upcoming ETN issues.

Until next week, have fun!

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