by Steve Lopez

Once again, it's time for the annual look back. As ETN goes barrelling into its fifth year, it gives me a chance to provide an index for the last year's issues. As always, no links (because the articles are published on two sites: ChessBase GmbH and ChessBase USA) -- just hit your browser's back button to go back to the comprehensive index with links.

April 16, 2000
New ChessBase CDs -- Previews of Intensive Tactics Course and The King's Gambit

April 23, 2000
From the Mailbag -- Keyboard shortcuts, tablebases, and assisted analysis
Books, Books, Books! -- The Alekhine Defense Playbook

April 30, 2000
Correction -- never call an IM a GM
Questions About Training -- Training Questions in CBH format ("What's with the asterisks, bro?")

May 7, 2000
PGN Format in Fritz6 -- Opening PGN databases and converting them to CBH format

May 14, 2000
Critical positions -- use of this visual annotation style in CBH format

May 21, 2000
Removing old interfaces -- why you don't need multiple playing program GUIs and how to get rid of the surplus

May 28, 2000
Young Talents -- a preview of this CD and the reasons why it's so danged cool

June 4, 2000
Piece values in Nimzo7.32 -- playing around with this engine parameter

June 11, 2000
The Modern Benoni -- a preview of this training CD

June 18, 2000
Fritz6 questions -- a potpurri of basic Fritz advice

June 25, 2000
The Shootout -- how to use this feature in Fritz6

July 2, 2000
Opening lines -- editorial stuff
Tablebases and the Fritz Turbo Endgame -- a whole pile of information on installing, configuring, and using endgame tablebases

July 9, 2000
Books, CDs, and Games -- Polgar's Chess, Alexander's Knight Moves, Charushin's Bogoljubow, and the wild, wild world of Knightmare Chess

July 16, 2000
The Lost Art of Resignation -- configuring Fritz' resignation parameters. Your human opponents? That's a different story...

July 23, 2000
The Crossroad -- go play outside

July 30, 2000
Position Fragments in ChessBase 7 -- searching for partial positions

August 6, 2000
More position fragments -- part two on the topic

August 13, 2000
Killing doubles -- the fine art of wiping out duplicate games in CB7

August 20, 2000
Opening lines -- a big "thank you"
New ChessBase CDs -- French with 3.Nc3, Sveshnikov Sicilian, Opposite Colored Bishop Endgames, and Schach Ohne Abseits (what the...?)

August 27, 2000
Opening lines -- ignorance is bliss
More on Intensive Tactics Course -- load it, use it, love it

September 3, 2000
Sending games via e-mail -- pre-CB8 tips for e-mailing gamescores and diagrams

September 10, 2000
Short takes -- nine questions answered and issues addressed

September 17, 2000
Cannibalize Database in ChessBase 7 -- a useful tool explained with many twisted jokes tossed in at no extra charge

September 24, 2000
Fritz6 and Windows ME -- how to get Fritz6 running in that %^&$& upgrade version of ME (and it's easier than you think)

October 1, 2000
Moveable panes in Fritz6 -- make that screen look the way you want

October 8, 2000
New ChessBase CDs -- French Without 3.Nc3, ABCs of Endgames, Correspondence Database 2000

October 15, 2000
More New Electronic Tools -- Bookup Express 2000, Heisman's The Traxler Counterattack, Bird's Chess Masterpieces

October 22, 2000
Useful Chess Links -- Recommended Interrant chess pages

October 29, 2000
Installing ChessBase 8 -- can you say "Autorun", boys and girls?

November 5, 2000
Two new ChessBase 8 features -- position search in annotations and the Annotation Palette
More useful chess links -- a few I missed the first time around

November 12, 2000
The engine selector in ChessBase 8 -- more engines available than you can shake a stick at

November 19, 2000
Basic ChessBase 8 tips -- right-clicking gets you everywhere

November 26, 2000
Basic Principles of Chess Strategy -- an overview of Bartashnikov's excellent 3 CD set

December 3, 2000
Updating opening books -- keeping that theory on the bleeding edge

December 10, 2000
Using ChessBase 8 to find sacrifices -- I still don't know how they do it, but this feature is cool

December 17, 2000
Miscellany -- More tablebase info, CB8 e-mail functions (you've gotta enable that MAPI support), Goto Fritz

December 24, 2000
Opening the Player Encyclopedia -- how to locate and open it

December 31, 2000
New CDs and E-books -- Nimzo8, Deep Fritz, Endgame Studies 2000, Accelerated Dragon, Classical Sicilian, Big and Mega Databases 2001, Sawyer's The Grob Attack, Lasker's Common Sense in Chess, Starbase 2.33

January 7, 2001
More Player Encyclopedia tips -- once you have it open, what do you do with it?

January 14, 2001
Miscellany -- more on the Player's Encyclopedia, Battle Royale is finished (yippie!), Roycroft notation, tips for your first chess tournament

January 21, 2001
How to do CD checks -- Well, I thought it was intuitive...

January 28, 2001
Tournament crosstables -- How to make 'em, how to read 'em

February 4, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part One -- begin with the right books

February 11, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Two -- start small and annotate

February 18, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Three -- using Infinite Analysis and Deep Position Analysis

February 25, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Four -- The Opening Report -- a big feature of CB8

March 4, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Five -- creating a basic opening book and practicing your new opening with Fritz

March 11, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Six -- creating a new opening database and applying an opening key to it

March 18, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Seven -- creating a more comprehensive statistical tree and understanding the stats

March 25, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Eight -- linking your database and opening tree; why statistics lie

April 1, 2001
Learning a new opening, Part Nine -- what to do when your opponent plays weird; final considerations

And, as always, special thanks go out to a whole heaping pile of folks: Mathias "1T" Feist, Matthias "2T" Wuellenweber, Ben Bartels, Don Maddox, Rainer Woisin, Fred Friedel, Jeroen van Dorp, "Paul Morphy" (for the BBQ tips and tech support stories), dansin (for Knightmare Chess assistance and general feedback -- especially in pointing out bad spelling and syntax. %$%$&), Bob Hyatt, Sid Pickard, Mike Leahy, Bob Durrett, Rich Martin (Squad Leader rocks, baby!), Cyril Josephs (thanks for the Roycroft info!), Lew Hucks ("Two chessplayers walk into a bar..."), and a lot of other folks way too numerous to mention (I have a mind like a sieve, so I forget a lot of names -- please forgive me). Good eggs all and you folks have my sincere gratitude. And a big "thank you" to everyone who took the time to e-mail with their comments and feedback on ETN.

Until next week, have fun!

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