by Steve Lopez

I recently received a message from a Junior5 owner who is a bit cheesed off that I talk so much about features in Fritz and seem to ignore Junior. I'm sorry for not clarifying this point in an earlier issue -- Fritz5.32, Junior5, and Nimzo99 all share essentially the same interface, so most of what I write regarding Fritz is also applicable to Junior and Nimzo. Sorry about the confusion.

I also received a follow-up e-mail from Laurent Selvi, who gently and politely (thank you, Laurent!) pointed out that I misunderstood the reference to Meinsohn in last week's ETN. Meinsohn says that the total of your non-losses (wins and draws) in a particular opening should total at least 70% as White and 60% as Black. This is different from the overall percentage as given in the statistical function in both ChessBase 7 and Fritz5. In my constantly mathematically-challenged state, I confused the two. In this case, Meinsohn's numbers don't seem too high after all. Thanks, Laurent, for pointing out my error!


by Steve Lopez

This week we'll look at some general questions that pop up from time to time.

1) Everything in CBLight is in German! How do I change this?

This is pretty easy. Whe you start CBLight on one of our training CDs, you'll see all the menu and help items are in German. To change the menu and help listings to English, juct click on the Status menu and select "Sprache" (the easy way to remember this command is that it's the bottom one in the Status menu). You'll see a box marked "Menu + Hilfe" with a list of languages. Click "English" and then click "OK". The menu items will all change to English, as will the help files.

2) OK, I got the menus in English, but when I start the database, I get a text screen in German! How do I change this?

That's easy too. You'll see a row of buttons at the top of the text screen -- the one with the letter "D" and a red dot is depressed. Just click the button with the letter "E" and a red dot and you'll see the text appear in English.

If the particular disk you're using doesn't have a red dot on the "E" button there's no corresponding English text file.

3) I want to export a game to my word processor using ChessBase 7, but I want/don't want algebraic coordinates around the board. How do I change this setting?

First, make sure your word processor supports RTF (Rich Text Format) files. When you create a textfile in ChessBase, the default file format is HTML (for Web publishing). Change this to RTF format and name the file accordingly. After clicking OK, you'll see the "Create textfile" window that allows you to change parameters for your text file. The coordinates box is checked by default. You can leave it checked or uncheck it as your heart desires.

Note that a file has to be in RTF format to enable/disable diagram coordinates. You can't do this with a straight ASCII file.

4) How do I open a ChessBase-generated textfile in my word processor?

Sorry, but that's a word processor question, not a ChessBase question. Consult the documentation for the word processor you're using. (I know it might seem weird to have this particular question as part of this article, but I'm asked it with frightening regularity).

5) I'd like to have Fritz5.32 play itself in a match, but I can't get it to appear under both Engine1 and Engine2. How do I do it?

You don't. Just have Engine1 be Fritz5.32 and let 'er rip. The program assumes both engines will be the same and acts accordingly.

6) When I use the Handicap and Fun mode or Rated Game mode in Fritz, the ratings given on the sliders are different than the ones shown in the illustrations in the manual. Why?

Fritz evaluates the hardware it's running on and sets the slider ratings accordingly. The range of ratings will vary from machine to machine.

7) In Rated Game mode, the highest rating on the slider is xxxx (fill in the blank; see Question #6 above). Why won't it play stronger than that?

It will. Click the box next to "Unleashed" so that there's a check in it. Then be prepared for a serious buttkicking.

8) How do I turn off that $%^$ "doubling" feature in Rated Game mode?

Go to www.chessbase.com and download the latest service pack for Fritz5.32. One of the changes is the ability to turn off doubling (you'll now see a check box for "doubling" in the Rated Game setup window).

9) I have a serious phobia about service packs and I don't want to download it. How can I turn off doubling in this case?

You can't. (Brief aside -- this question is no joke. I've had three or four people tell me that they flat-out refuse to use an upgrade patch on any program. I don't understand that, but it's their copy of the program, you know?). If you don't like he effects of doubling, here's what you do: when Fritz asks if you want to double, answer yes. Then forget all about doubling -- it won't come up again in that game. Fritz can't double twice in a row without you offering to double in the interim. The rule of thumb here is that when Fritz offers to double, always accept.

10a) Fritz kicks me out of a game partway through. 10b) Fritz won't let me access the database -- I click the database function and nothing happens.

Refuel the program.

11) When I try to refuel, I get the message "That's not the Fritz5.32 CD".

Make sure the Fritz5.32 CD is in the drive, instead of the Fritz5 Talk CD. Make sure you've typed the correct drive letter for your CD drive (not your hard drive) in the box provided in the Refuel window.

If you've done both of these things and it still doesn't work, exit Fritz and restart Windows. I've noticed that (for some oddball reason) Windows sometimes "forgets" there's a CD drive on some machines. Shutting down and restarting Windows usually solves this problem.

12) I can't save a game to the database on the CD. Why not?

Because it's not physically possible to write information to a standard compact disk. You can only save games to a database on your hard drive or a floppy disk. (I'm asked this question on a regular basis, by the way).

13) When I click the Book button in Fritz, most of the menu items are in half-tone (greyed-out). How do I make them accessible?

Hit [F11] to open the tree first. This activates the extra menu items.

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