by Steve Lopez

Once again, folks, here's an index to a year's worth of ETN. Because it's now carried on multiple sites, I won't have direct links to the issues, nor references to the .ZIP files in which they'll eventually end up on the ChessBase USA site. Spring .ZIP files will contain April through June files for the year in question, Summer .ZIP files have July through September issues, etc.

April 5th, 1998
Finding lost databases -- using the "Information" button to show you a database's location.

April 12th, 1998
Index for Year One of ETN

April 19th, 1998
Single-click entry mode in Fritz 5

April 26th, 1998
From the mailbag -- I answer various letters

May 3rd, 1998
Back into the mailbag -- more of the same

May 10th, 1998
ChessBase and Correspondence Chess -- an introduction as to why correspondence chess builds strong bodies twelve ways

May 17th, 1998
Opening Lines -- an apology for getting sick (again)
A Fistful of CDs -- descriptions of several ChessBase offerings

May 24th, 1998
Some odds and ends -- various items, including some good opening advice from a regular reader

May 31st, 1998
Creating Tables of Contents for databases -- how to do this in CB6

June 7th, 1998
ChessBase and correspondence chess -- how to get started with postal chess and set your ChessBase up for recording the moves and analysis

June 14th, 1998
ChessBase and correspondence chess -- how to use the correspondence management features in ChessBase

June 21st, 1998
The scissor icon -- how to use if for some judicious ChessBase editing

June 28th, 1998
Keys and Codes -- ECO codes and how they work in ChessBase

July 5th, 1998
Opening reports in ChessBase 7 -- why this new feature is the greatest thing since sliced bread

July 12, 1998
Player dossiers in ChessBase 7 -- getting the scoop on your favorite GM

July 19th, 1998
Opening trees in Chessbase 7 -- tips on another of the new features

July 26th, 1998
Improving your play with ChessBase 7 -- using the engines "on the fly" to check for blunders

August 2, 1998
Opening Lines -- doesn't this guy ever stop apologizing?
Installing ChessBase 7 -- what it says

August 9, 1998
Books, books, books -- reviews of six chess books

August 16th, 1998
Playing chess against ChessBase 7 -- undocumented feature: you can play against Heumas directly in CB7

August 23rd, 1998
Color in ChessBase 7 -- how to use color on the chessboard and in the notation window

August 30th, 1998
ChessBase and correspondence chess -- more tips for correspondence players

September 6th, 1998
Opening Lines -- Hi! Hola! Bonjour! Guten tag! Konichi wa! etc.
ChessBase and corespondence chess -- Using game trees in correspondence chess

September 13th, 1998
What's so "unclear" about this? -- using Fritz5's correspondence analysis mode to clarify those "unclear" positions.

September 20th, 1998
From the mailbag -- answering the mail

September 27th, 1998
Opening Lines -- the board was what color again?
Hash tables in Fritz -- just about everything you need to know about what they do and how to set them

October 4th, 1998
The repertoire database -- the basics on how to use this CB7 feature

October 11th, 1998
Interpreting Fritz' analysis -- what all those numbers and funny symbols mean

October 18th, 1998
Opening Lines -- ummm-ummm, crow! Good eatin'!
ChessBase and Web publishing -- how CB7 can help you whip up a swell chess homepage in a jiffy

October 25th, 1998
Using Fritz5: some tips for beginners -- some ideas for the untitled among us

November 1st, 1998
Mystery crashes and how to solve them -- fixing those "illegal operation" messages in CB7 and Fritz5

November 8th, 1998
Fixing common Fritz5 problems -- like it says

November 15th, 1998
The new Junior5 -- and why it's so dang much fun

Novemeber 22nd, 1998
Teaching Fritz5 -- how to use the learning functions

November 29th, 1998
Formatting the game list in ChessBase 7 -- how to configure the games list to your needs

December 6th, 1998
The goose is getting fat -- crass commercialism? Guilty as charged!

December 13th, 1998
The new 32-bit Fritz5 -- a look at some of the new features

December 20th, 1998
More Fritz5 fixes -- please learn to use Windows, I'm begging!

December 27th, 1998
Books, books, books -- six chess books examined

January 3rd, 1999
Back it up! -- why you need to back up your data

January 10th, 1999
16-bit engines in Fritz5 -- why Hiarcs6 and Junior4.6 don't work when you click on them
More on hash tables -- a few loose ends neatly tied

January 17th, 1999
Inserting ASCII notation into ChessBase -- how to make reading a web page or text file gamescore much easier through the magic of "cut and paste"

January 24th, 1999
From the mailbag -- letters and more letters
Search mask tip -- why the search mask didn't work when you tried it (hint: it wasn't the search mask's fault)

January 31st, 1999
How to create a new database in Fritz5 and copy games into it

February 7th, 1999
How to create a new tree in Fritz5 and merge games into it

February 14th, 1999
Four new compact disks -- a Valentine to some of our new products ("Roses are red, violets are blue, I just got these disks, and you should, too")

February 21st, 1999
Finding your weak points -- using a tree to isolate the points where you need help

February 28th, 1999
Opening Lines -- why I usually really mean "Fritz, Junior, and Nimzo" when I say just "Fritz"
General tips -- thirteen common questions answered

March 7th, 1999
Engine parameters in Fritz5 -- how to tweak them effectively

March 14th, 1999
Outside help -- I have a little fun with a recent chess scandal

March 21st, 1999
Using Endgame CDs in ChessBase 7 -- how to use the Thompson CDs

March 28th, 1999
More about endgame CDs
Gary Gauthier's ABC of the Chess Openings -- a look at the new CD

Well, that's about get it (as Sonny Terry used to say). Until next week, have fun!

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