You're spending an enjoyable evening viewing games in ChessBase 7 when there comes a sudden unavoidable interruption when you're in the midst of replaying an interesting game. Perhaps your spouse calls you to the dinner table or one of your kids needs to use the computer to work on a school project. Either way, you have to stop what you're doing and exit ChessBase. How do you "bookmark" the position in this game so you can easily return to it later?

The trick is to use the "medals" function to mark your place. At the spot in the game where you're forced to leave off, click the "Special annotations, correspondence management" button at the bottom of the game window (it's the seventh button from the left). Select "Set medal" from the list of commands (the shortcut is to hit " on the keyboard). You'll see a window that looks like this:

This allows you to assign a colored "medal" to that position in the game. The choice of medal is up to you; I usually select "User", which provides a light blue medal at that point in the game. After you click the box next to "User" and click "OK", you'll see the medal appear in the gamescore immediately after the move you've highlighted (corresponding to the position presently on the board).

Then go to the Game menu and select "Replace" (or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL-R) to make sure the medal is saved into the game in the database. (Please note that you can't "bookmark" a game from a database on a CD, since "Replace game" won't work in this instance).

Then you can exit ChessBase and go eat your dinner, drive your spouse to the store, let your child use the computer, etc. The next time you start ChessBase, double-click on the icon for the database in which your bookmarked game is stored; you'll get the game list for that database. Click the "Install a filter" button (at the bottom of the game list window); this will bring up the Search mask. Click "Reset all" and then click the "Medals" button. Select "User" (or whichever medal you used to bookmark your game) from the list of medals, click "OK", and then click the "OK" button in the Search mask window. After a quick search, you'll be presented with a list of all games in which that medal is used (you'll see these medals in a special column of the game list). Double-click on the game you were viewing previously and the game will appear, and you'll be automatically taken to the exact position you bookmarked in the game. You can then pick up viewing the game right where you left off when you were previously interrupted.

To get rid of the "bookmark", just click the "Special annotations" button, click "Set medal", and then click the box next to "User" (or whatever medal you used to mark the position). This will remove the check from the box and remove the medal from the game. Make sure you use "Replace game" afterwards to make sure the medal is permanently removed from the game.

Until next week, have fun!

-- Steve Lopez