If you want to install CBLight on your hard drive (instead of running it from the CD) just follow these steps:

1) Open the CBLIGHT.INS folder on the CD;

2) Open the DISK1.ZIP folder;

3) Launch the file Setup.exe

This will install the entire program to your hard disk. The file Setup.exe that is in the root directory of the CD will only install the ChessBase figurine fonts to your hard drive and create a shortcut on your Windows 95 desktop, rather than actually installing the program to your hard drive.


Remember that when Fritz5 gives you a rating or otherwise gives you the chance to select a rating that it will play at (in Serious Mode and in Handicap/Fun mode), these ratings are FIDE ratings, not USCF ratings. There is an approximate 100 point difference between the two ratings (due to inflation of USCF ratings) as follows:

FIDE rating + 100 points = USCF rating

An example: you have a B-rated (1750) friend down at the chess club that gives you a fairly even, competitive game and you'd like Fritz to approximate his strength. You could go to Handicap & Fun mode and set the "playing strength" slider to 1650 (instead of 1750). This will approximate the play of a USCF B-player.

Remember that in Handicap mode, you can also tweak other parameters, such as blunder range and piece trading in order to more closely approximate the play of a specific amateur player. If you use these sliders judiciously, you can create a wide variety of amateur players to challenge (but not overwhelm) you.

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