by Steve Lopez

I received a letter recently from ChessBase user Mark Kaprielian, asking about one of ChessBase's many underused features. Here's part of Mark's letter:

We have a study group meeting at my club before the tournament round starts every Tuesday night.

For the study group material, we have experts annotating the games from club play. A number of times, they want to focus on a certain position and don't want the preceeding moves.

The ideal that I want to be able to do here is, take an existing game and create a new game from it starting at a particular move with all the moves that followed. Ideally too, the correct move number for the actual game would be there.

Mark, this is actually pretty easy to do. Load the game you want to edit. Click on the move where you want the game fragment to begin; the board position jumps to that move. Click on the "scissors" icon at the bottom of the game window. From the menu that appears, select "delete previous moves". The program will remove all the moves prior to the current board position.

Then, if you choose to save the resulting game fragment, use "Save Game" to save this as a new game in the active database (the one highlighted in red/orange in the "database" window.) However, do not use "Replace Game" or you will permanently lose the opening moves that you just cut out!

The scissors icon has some other interesting uses that can be inferred just from looking at the menu that appears when you click on it. You can cut all the moves before the current position, delete all the moves after the current board position, or eliminate all annotations, correspondence records, or multimedia elements.

All of these features are pretty handy, especially when one is editing gamescores, either for print publishing or display on the Internet.

Speaking of the 'Net, Mark's chess club has a really interesting homepage. Stop by and check it out; it's really quite good.

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