by Steve Lopez

By popular demand, here's an index of the articles that appeared in ETN over its first year, along with brief descriptions of the articles. Enjoy!


March 30th, 1997
Welcome! -- general ETN mission statement
The Tyranny of Numbers (Part One) -- about game trees in general and CBTree in particular.

April 6th, 1997
The Tyranny of Numbers (Part Two) -- more about statistics and game trees.

April 13th, 1997
The Tyranny of Numbers (Part Three) -- the last article in the series on statistical tree programs.

April 20th, 1997
Making Fritz4 and ChessBase Work Together -- setting up ChessBase to run the various analysis modules.

April 27th, 1997
Opening Lines -- editorial blathering.
The Ultimate Openings Guide -- information on the ChessBase Encyclopedia of Chess Openings.

May 4th, 1997
Opening Lines -- Important correction to the April 20th issue.
Multimedia in Action -- information about the CD King's Indian With ...f5-f4.

May 11th, 1997
Quick Tips -- Using "Replace Game"; .CBF vs .CBH file sizes; discrepancies in the colors of Medals in ChessBase 6.

May 18th, 1997
Confronting the Beast -- editorial piece on the meaning of Kasparov-Deep Blue II.

May 25th, 1997
Fritz Analysis Modules Evaluations in ChessBase -- translating the numerical evaluations into standard chess symbols.

June 1st, 1997
.PGN .CBF .CBH and Other Alphabet Soup -- data conversion explained; my favorite joke about the movie Independence Day.

June 8th, 1997
HorrorBase and Other Data From the Crypt -- a frank discussion about games from varying sources.

June 15th, 1997
Opening Lines -- the usual yada yada.
HorrorBase and Other Data From the Crypt (Part Two) -- more talk about where you get your data.

June 22nd, 1997
Editing the Player List in ChessBase -- and why you should be careful doing it.

June 29th, 1997 Opening Lines -- an explanation of why I was about to spend the whole summer on one topic.
Learning a New Opening (Part One) -- the first article on the topic I spent the whole summer on. Some good opening book recommendations.


July 6th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Two) -- First steps in learning a new opening.

July 13th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Three) -- Creating a new database for the opening you've selected.

July 20th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Four) -- Study tips for using your new database.

July 27th, 1997
Opening Lines -- geeze, doesn't this guy ever stop whining?
Learning a New Opening (Part Five) -- Learning by doing, with Fritz as your training partner.

August 3rd, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Six) -- some really great, semi-unknown ChessBase tools to aid you in your study.

August 10th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Seven) -- finding good opening books; adding notes to your database; updating your keys.

August 17th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Eight) -- a short story called "The Pirc Horror". It's a parody of H.P. Lovecraft and a complete waste of time for anyone wanting to learn about ChessBase and Fritz. Only a few people got the joke, and nobody (that I know of) caught the many scattered "inside" references that littered the pages. My personal favorite ETN to date.

August 24th, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Nine) -- how to use ChessBase to prepare for a specific opponent.

August 31st, 1997
Learning a New Opening (Part Ten) -- my personal ChessBase success story; I learn something about myself; I pay tribute to a pal of mine who is a heckuva nice guy.

September 7th, 1997
ChessBase and HTML -- how ChessBase can make chess publishing on the web a lot easier.

September 14th, 1997
Player Opening Books for Fritz -- making Fritz play the repertoire of a specific player, one of my favorite "fun" things to do with the software.

September 21st, 1997
Opening Lines -- I went to a soccer match. So sue me.
Evaluation Colors in Fritz4 -- what that danged bar chart means.

September 28th, 1997
First Impressions of Fritz5 -- to summarize: I like it -- hey, Mikey! Several of my own crappy games thrown in at no extra charge.


October 5th, 1997
Opening Lines -- my modem blows up.
Fritz5 Power Book -- the biggest game tree ever and why you need it.

October 12th, 1997
Opening Lines -- who to contact if you have questions.
Where'd the Numbers Go? -- why your Fritz bar graph analysis vanishes if you use "Replace game".

October 19th, 1997
Letters, I Get Letters -- yours truly digs into the mailbag.

October 26th, 1997
Trivial Chess -- combining chess and trivia games ("are you smart enough to take that pawn?").
Fritz5's Correspondence Analysis -- how to use this new feature of Fritz5. A not-so-hidden message to my favorite soccer team.

November 2nd, 1997
Base Basics 1 -- tips for newcomers to chess databasing. "Why use a database at all?" -- ANSWERED!

November 9th, 1997
User Input -- I dump the mailbag and peruse the contents. Advice on integrating ChessBase, Fritz, and Bookup. Using ChessBase's "training" view.

November 16th, 1997
From the Mailbag -- more interesting questions; the first user index for ETN; a plug for a really great web page; I get a letter from a legend.

November 23rd, 1997
Base Basics 2 -- how to create a new database and get games into it.
Chess Embitterment -- why Fleetwood Mac, sexy women, cold beer, and the Worrall Attack don't mix.

November 30th, 1997
Base Basics 3 -- basic search mask functions.
Chess Embitterment -- it might not be the funniest game in correspondence chess history, but it's in the top five...probably my second favorite ETN issue, as it made even me laugh.

December 7th, 1997
Fritz5 Question -- why you can only use one opening key with a given database.

December 14th, 1997
Math, Math, Math -- why Doctor? seems to analyze so fast; figuring out how Fritz handicaps us in Friend mode.
Books, Books, Books -- reviews of books in which every move of every game is annotated.
Final Note -- I make a plea for games for Chess Embitterment, but I am roundly ignored.

December 21st, 1997
Help Me, Fritzie! -- Fritz5's coaching functions explained; I goof on Charles Dickens.

December 28th, 1997
Where We're Going -- we take the traditional New Year's look back and look ahead; I shamelessly plug my other two web pages; I admit to omitting Euwe (say that three times fast!).


January 4th, 1998
Base Basics 4 -- some elementary searches for middlegame positions.

January 11th, 1998
Symbols in .CBH Game Lists -- what those funny abbreviations mean.

January 18th, 1998
Base Basics 5 -- we search for position fragments.

January 25th, 1998
Opening Lines -- Steve, please shut up.
Color My Notes -- making ChessBase's text window more readable.

February 1st, 1998
Copying Middlegame Keys in ChessBase 6 -- how to build middlegame keys by copying them from one database to another.

February 8th, 1998
An Opponent For Every Day of the Week -- examining the various engines for Fritz5.

February 15th, 1998
ECO Keys in ChessBase 6 -- copying opening keys from one database to another.

February 22nd, 1998
Blitz Memorization -- how to learn an opening really quickly and irritate your opponents.

March 1st, 1998
Daniel King's Attack! -- why this ChessBase CD really is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

March 8th, 1998
Learning a New Opening Revisited -- we know how to add to our repertoire, but how do we know what to add to our repertoire?

March 15th, 1998
Learning a New Opening Revisted (Part Two) -- building a repertoire slowly.
Chess Embitterment -- I fall in love for the 57,496,752nd time and later crush Poindexter in a five-hour marathon. Chivalry is not dead.

March 22nd, 1998
Opening Lines -- natter natter natter whine.
More Opening Tips -- tabia and how to use them.
"Our Glorious Hackery" -- I pay tribute to a fellow patzer and include what may well be the funniest game ever played.

March 29th, 1998
A new look for the start of our 2nd year.
Quick Tips -- Installing CBLight; futzing furiously with Fritz's FIDE figures.

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