by Steve Lopez

"Replace game" in Fritz4

There are two ways to load a game in Fritz4 before you have an engine do overnight analysis on a game. The first way is to simply load a game from the game list by double-clicking on it. The second way is to go to the Game List, highlight the game (or games), and click on the "Analyse" button.

The latter method wil cause Fritz's analysis to be automatically saved on disk. But what happens if you just click on the game in the Game List to load it on the main screen and then click "Analyse Game" in the "Coach" menu? Once Fritz is finished analyzing, how does one replace the original unannotated version with the new analyzed game?

I used to think that if you didn't use "Save Game" from the "Game" menu (thereby creating a new, second copy of the game in the database) you'd lose the analysis. But this is incorrect. All you have to do is click on the "Database" icon, highlight the proper game in the list, and click the "Replace" button. The old unannotated game will be replaced by the new annotated version. However, be aware that if the wrong game is highlighted then it will be overwritten and you will lose the original information.

Size of .CBH format vs. .CBF format

An interesting question came up the other day. How do the two ChessBase formats stack up to each other in terms of disk space used to store games? I decided to test it out. I took a .CBF database of 2409 games, including many annotated games, plus opening, endgame, theme, and middlegame keys, and converted it to the new .CBH format.

Here's how it broke down for the old format:

Total: 632,635 bytes

Now here's a breakdown of the same database in the new format:

Total: 937,509 bytes

So the new format takes up about 67% more space, due to the new features and provisions (such as Elos under 1605, marking games with medals, etc.).

Note that this was a straight conversion from old to new formats, with no new features added to the games. If I add multimedia elements to the new database the file sizes would greatly increase as a result.

An interesting sidelight: games that previously were highlighted in the Games List in the old file format are now marked by a light blue (called by ChessBase "turquoise") medal in the new Games List. This is the "user" medal ("marked by user for unspecified reason").

Speaking of medals...

There is some discrepancy between the list of medal colors and what they stand for as given in the Update Manual and the actual checklist in the "Medals" window in the program itself. The blue-green medal for "Repertoire" has been designated "Pawn Structure" within the program, the light green medal for "Endgame" is now designated "Pawn Structure", and the dark green medal for "Endgame CD" is now designated just "Endgame". The help files within the program use the old designations from the Update Manual.

Use whichever designation you want, though it seems like the ones from the manual and help file seem to be more useful than the designations from tne "Medals" window.