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Deep Fritz 14 (PC-DVD)*
Price:   $79.95

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Deep Fritz 14 (PC-DVD)

Deep Fritz 14 offers chess players everything they need to play, improve and enjoy their chess. 
Professional graphics, literally hundreds of different playing styles and levels, in-depth coaching and game analysis functions, move explanation, training modules for openings, tactics and endgames, printable games and diagrams, a database of 1.5 million games and hours of video lessons. Plus six months free subscription to the playing server.
New in Deep Fritz 14

Single-processor engines are a thing of the past – that's why the new Fritz comes as a powerful multi-processor version as standard. Deep Fritz 14 features a 64-bit engine and supports up to eight processor cores simultaneously. The engine itself has been completely redesigned and is rated almost 100 Elo more than its predecessor (estimated 3150 Elo), making Deep Fritz 14 one of the strongest chess programs in the world. 
Optimized for Windows 8.1: Possessed of a unique 64-bit program interface, Deep Fritz 14 runs faster and is less prone to crashing than previous versions. Naturally, the new version retains all of the well-known playing, training and analysis functions that make Fritz the most popular chess program in the world.
Deep Fritz 14 includes a free six-month Premium membership to, allowing you to tune in to exciting live commentary of world-class tournaments, or take part in training sessions with a number of world class coaches, including Grandmasters Daniel King, Yasser Seirawan, Maurice Ashley, and Dr. Karsten Müller.
“Let’s Check” was the revolutionary new feature introduced in Fritz 13. Whenever you analyse a position to any meaningful depth Fritz will, if you allow it, send the main line and evaluation to a central server, to be shared with all participating users. You will be able to find deep analysis to almost every position you look at – instantly. “Let’s Check” keeps updating the evaluations with newer, deeper analysis as it becomes available. The entire body of modern opening theory - well over 200 million different chess positions - are built into the system, and “Let’s Check”instantly provides you with the latest statistics of any position in the opening: how often it occurs, which moves were played and with what success. The openings book (LiveBook) is updated on a weekly basis and will show you which variations are topical and how successful they are. If you want to know about a particular opening position, take a look on "Let's Check" and find out in seconds what would otherwise take hours with an engine to uncover. 
New features - At a glance:




  • Fritz runs faster and smoother than ever before, supporting up to 4 cores & 16 GB of Hash Memory so Fritz can take advantage of developments in PC hardware.
  • New Fritz playing/analysis engine. Approximately 100 Elo points stronger than previous versions. Think Magnus Carlsen's Elo rating of 2870 is impressive? Deep Fritz 14's rating is an astonishing 3150 Elo.
  • New FritzBook by Alex Kure - Fritz knows the latest opening theory, allowing you to hone your opening repertoire.
  • Six months Premium membership on
  • Database with over 1.5 million games, including all top-level games from the last 50 years (up to the end of 2013!).
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